Sunday, April 17, 2011

[TRAVEL] ZAMBALES: Subic Sweet Water Resort, a secret haven getaway

SUMMER 2011 na!

Me and my high school friends is planning for a summer getaway to unwind and relax a bit. We contacted some resorts for accommodation inquiry but its quite pricey.

In the end, I remembered the pictures from my sister's friend. The resort they went to was the Subic Sweet water resort located but technically the address was in Morong, Bataan. The looks good from JCBulatao's blog. In photos, the place was like a private rest house on a beach front. The directions on how to go to place from the blog was very helpful. Reposting it here:
  1. Get your butts to Subic. Either you take the more scenic route, via San Fernando and along the National Highway (you'll pass through San Fernando, Bacolor, Guaga, Lubao and Dinalupihan), or via the SCTEX (which by the time of this writing, has yet to open) which pretty much gets you to Subic quicker.
  2. From Subic, follow the signs pointing to Ocean Adventure. This road will take you past the airport, FedEx, and lead you towards the Morong Gate. The drive towards the Morong Gate will see you passing a fire station to your right.
  3. Exit Morong gate and drive straight through, following signs for Anvaya Cove. You will encounter a fork in the road, with the main road going up the mountain, and the road to Subic Sweet Water (and other small resorts) will be going down to your right. The Tarp they have at this juncture is torn so keep your eyes peeled. You'll pass a small church to your right, and come upon a gate with the Subic Sweet Water resort tarp. Enter the gate, drive straight through. There you are! :)
We took the SCTEX - SBMA - Morong gate route to go to the place. We got there about 8:30 PM since we left Valenzuela city at 6:00 PM with two stopovers. Before arriving at the resort, Ate Anarose asked us on how many persons we are as she will prepare the mattress and beds where we gonna sleep. Upon arrival, we met Ate Anarose (caretaker) introduced by Paolo  (09178507292-contact person for the resort). Both of them were very kind enough to welcome us on the resort. The staff were very accommodating and allowed us to us the bigger house with two rooms and a spacious bathroom on the second floor. The kitchen with a shower room is at the first floor with a dining area facing the beach.

Stairway to the bedrooms
After unloading our things, its dinner time everyone! We are having Pork Adobo + Steamed rice + hard-boiled Egg for dinner.
After dinner, it's the time for a bonfire on the beach front :)

While others opt to sleep in the room, some of us spend the night outside counting shooting stars (i got 8; Dane got 13).

Hours have past and its time to say Good Morning to the Sweet Water!

Kids playing on the seashore

shot from the beach front

the beach with the Bora-inspired shed, they should make more of this. :)
Early morning is the best time to swim if you don't want for sunburn to touch your skin. The beach here is calm compared to other resorts. The cove is covered with trees, the sand has a finer grain, and the water is crystal clear and warm.

Time for breakfast, we are prepping up Long-si-log (Longanisa(local Sausage) from Calumpit, Bulacan - Sinangag (Adobo fried rice) - pritong Itlog (sunny-side up/scrambled)).

cooking for breakfast with Tepang and Ewat

With Ewat and his scrambled egg

having coffee before breakfast

fried egg and sweet /garlic-ky sausages from Calumpit, Bulacan
 Chow time guys!

After breakfast the boys got a chance to have snorkeling on the nearby cove and saw some sea urchins. While the girls had a photo shoot ^_^
Panorama shot experiment by Kat

with Kathe


us girls
Time for lunch...We are having grilled pork belly and stuffed fish.

After having a shower, cleaning and packing up...It's time to say good bye to Subic Sweet water.
We will definitely have another visit here.

Emi as auditor
in the end, we had a contribution of P 900.00 per head
inclusive of accommodation, food, transporatation and other expenses

The verdict...
If you want a resort that's like your our rest house, away from the crowd, and if you want to relax but still thinks of a budget. The Subic Sweet Water resort is the best place for you. The house rent ranges from P5000.00 to P 6000.00 depending on the date you wish to be accommodated. The rooms are air conditioned and very spacious; for a two-bedroom cottage, it can fit 20-25 pax. Considering the travel time of 2.5 hours from Manila, this is a great summer destination for friends, company outing and especially for families.

I have linked this blog to their Facebook and Friendster accounts for more details.

tere :)


  1. We just came from here, lovely place. The Caretaker told me they have newly renovated their rest houses, and the beach is indeed beautiful!

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  3. Hi, we were there last April 7th, we stayed at the big house. The beach was really nice, perfect for families with small kids since the water is shallow even about 20 meters from the shore.The surrounding lush forests also contributed the pleasant view.
    The only downside: The bathrooms in a sad state of disrepair & the sliding doors that do not close or have no locks.
    Annarose was accommodating but didn't ensure each group of guests to have their own barbecue grill to use.
    Oli, who seemed to be a resident there(maybe Annarose's relative?), was reluctant to help out guests & can be rude at times. The owner needs to hear about this.
    More pics of the beach & beach house on this link.
    I hope this helps others.

  4. thanks for leaving your comments :)